The Offer

I’m giving away decks of cards with fine art and photographic images on them to anyone – but especially teachers! – willing to pay the shipping costs. ($20  – $40 for a case of 120 decks, depending on where in the continental U.S. you live.) You can use the cards for a variety purposes in the classroom: collaborative storytelling games, writing prompts, conversational prompts for ESL or language classes, material or inspiration for art classes, etc.

the cards

Each case contains 120 decks, and each deck contains 50 cards. The cards measure 3¼ by 4½ inches (about twice the size of normal playing cards) and are printed on high quality, 330 GSM playing card stock. A case of decks measures about 15″ x 15″ x 8″ and weighs about 40 lbs. (Sorry, I can only ship a whole case at a time.)

This offer is good until the end of June, at which point I’ll be destroying all the remaining inventory because the storage costs are just getting to be too much. (See “The Storytelling Game” for the story of how the cards came to be, and why I’m giving them away now.)