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I’ve written an article describing a new Internet threat that can steal your identity on services like Facebook, Twitter, or web-based email if you access them over a public wifi hotspot. If you do any web surfing from your local cafe or from airports or any other unsecure wifi networks, please read the article to find out how to protect yourself!

Two days ago,  I posted my 50th haiku in 50 days on Haiku Diem, and this seems like a good point at which to reflect on how the effort is going. (more…)

I just learned that today is International Pi Day and thought I’d share this poem I wrote a while back: (more…)

I’ve begun an experiment to see if I can write one new haiku every day.


During lunch at a recent SCBWI conference, I was telling some of my table mates about the big differences I’ve encountered in the nine SCBWI conferences or retreats I’ve attended in the past three years, when I realized I was now an expert on them. (more…)

Or: “How the Internet has expanded what it means to be published.”

About a week ago, I read a piece by Andrew Leonard, one of my favorite columnists, about Clarence Thomas’ crazy solo dissent in the recent Supreme Court decision on corporate political spending. (Along the theme of this post: I say “columnist” though you could also call him a blogger.  However, what is a blog that exists as part of a larger publication but a column?) I’d long been aware that Thomas often stood alone on issues brought before the court, and realized that now was the time to finally write about it. (more…)

About a year ago, I attended a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference where Yolanda LeRoy, an editor with Charlesbridge Publishing, gave a very entertaining talk about the good and bad picture book manuscripts they get in their slush pile.  At one point, she mentioned a classically bad picture book element they often saw: “anthropomorphic alliterative animals”. (more…)

A few years ago, a friend (picture book author, blogger, and bookstore owner Elizabeth Bluemle) was giving me her editing notes on an early draft of my first novel when I stumbled onto a trick that has made my efforts at revision not only easier, but more effective ever since. (more…)

I’ve been writing poetry and short fiction for years now, but have never tried very hard to get any of it published. Toward the end of 2009, something changed in my thinking: I decided not only to start sending many of these old pieces out, but to seek publication in other forms, in any way I could. I decided that 2010 would be the year I push myself out into the world. (more…)

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